School of the Arts, Children's Educational Theatre, and Professional Theatre Company

Our Summer Internship Program is a workforce training experience for high school and college age youth. Internships run for two sessions that last 4 or 8 weeks in duration. Based on the level of experience and area of interest, interns are assigned to various service tiers. High school participants receive community service hours required for graduation. The Performance Project partners with several colleges and universities (including University of Florida and Pace University) to provide college credit to eligible student participants and other college participants receive small stipends. 


Take Action Plays (TAP) serve schools and community centers as a mobile theatre house performing plays with a troupe of professional actor to drive home lessons through engaging and, at times, comedic dialogue to address critical issues. TAP performances center on sensitive topic through short one Act interactive plays to drive home lessons on self-esteem, drug prevention, bullying, mental health and more. Teachers are provided with additional materials to reinforce the lessons for discussion after the performance.

Performance Mentorship Program

Theatre internship Programs

The Performance Mentorship Program is our signature program for youth and adults in our ongoing Theatre for All initiative. This program runs from August to December and participation is audition only. Preparations, rehearsals and skill workshops occur every Thursday and Saturday for three hours. These hours increase two weeks before the performance date to pull together all that has been learned to produce a quality performance. Youth cast members are mentored by our adult professional performers that provide them with knowledge and expertise throughout the final six weeks of the program.

School of the Arts

The Performance Project is a community-based nonprofit that offers quality arts programs centered on mentorship, life skills development, and creative expression to break down social barriers and build stronger communities. All programs merge arts instruction with child psychology and positive youth development principles. Programs are fee for service with income-based scholarships available to those who qualify.

Take Action Plays

The Performance Project School of the Arts serves youth with three groupings: elementary (grades K to 3), middle (greades 6 to 8), and high school (grades 9 to 12). Children learn the fundamentals of the performing arts and youth development principles instilling core developmental assets. Our programs are offered during out-of-school time hours, school vacations, and weekends. These programs include our Youth Fall Musical, Youth Spring Musical, Teen Spring Musical, and Summer Camp.