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                                        Sew Savvy
                                                 Costume alterations and designer
​                                                  954-476-4675  or 954-557-1193

Featured Vendors

School of the Arts, Children's Educational Theatre, and Professional Theatre Company

The Performance Project is able to offer these high-quality programs to the community with the support and commitment of donors like you. Every donation empowers, educates, inspires and creates opportunities for a better future. Every gift, small or large, makes a difference causing a ripple effect to shift an entire generation.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship a Student (Yearly Classes) - $415*

Scholarship a Student (Summer Camp) - $1,115**

*Cost covers tuition, costume, and other associated fees
**Cost overs tuition, costume, lunch, and other associated fees

Sponsorship Opportunities

The "Midnight" Sponsorship - Sponsor Our Props - $100 to $600

The "Dreamcoat" Sponsorship - Sponsor Our Costumes - ​$500 to $2,000

​The "Barricades" Sponsorship - Sponsor Our Set - $2,000 to $6,000

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All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by applicable law
We are a registered charity with the State of Florida 31361