School of the Arts, Children's Educational Theatre and Professional Theatre Company
​Our professional theater company is truly one of kind. We are dedicated to producing shows that employ BOTH adults AND young actors in most of our musicals. We do this through our Performance Mentor Program. Past shows were: Seussical, Madeline’s Christmas and A Christmas Carol.
For young actors (under 18)
1. Audition to get into this advanced program.
2. Once accepted, take our 8 week class(link) that will prepare you for the rehearsal process.
​3. On the 8th
4. Then engage in a professional two week rehearsal process with the adult actors.
5. Then perform in a show!

For adult actors (18 and over)
1. Audition for a role. If accepted...
2. Interview with the director to convey your experience in working with children
3. Be a guest artist at one of our 8 classes. (paid position)
​4. Engage in rehearsals and shows. (paid position) week of class, audition again (a call back) for a specific role.